Sunday, August 18, 2013

Classic Jose

Classic Jose

   Typical of Jose. Win 2-0 at home. Clean sheet. The ''standard'' win what us Chelsea fans have forgotten about. It may get frustrating throughout the season as we are more likely to see these type of results. I can only say I would be happy if we won 2-0 every game but 1 huge factor that was painful for me to watch was that Juan Mata was only on the bench and didn't even make it onto the pitch. I know this one game and against a newly promoted side and Jose may be saving him for the tougher tests of Aston Villa and Man United but I have my doubts.

   Jose Mourinho likes his players to have STRENGTH or SPEED. Mata has neither. If you look throughout the whole team, every single player contains at least one of these attributes. I'm personally scared for the little Spaniard. Is this going to be a regular occurrence? Will he play against Manchester United where he normally reaches the top of his game? I've got a nasty feeling he won't. I hope I'm wrong.  

   I have faith in Jose but isn't this a little too coincidental? Iker Casillas of last season. Juan Mata his next victim? He does have a lot of competition for his place and hardly featured in pre-season compared to the other players who also played Confederations Cup football. I'm optimistic Jose is saving the magician for something astronomical.

   On a different note, John Terry and Frank Lampard both featured 90 minutes. I'm not sure what I make of this. David Luiz is injured so I expected John Terry to play the 90 minutes but will Terry be a regular under Mourinho? I think it's time to make Terry a squad player rather than a guaranteed starter. Time's are changing and I rather Terry was fazed out and passed on his experience to the younger centre backs than for Chelsea to suddenly be without a leader. Lampard too, I feel, needs to teach his tricks to the younger generation. Don't get me wrong, I wish both stay at the club until they retire but as squad players, more than first eleven.  I believe they should still feature in big games but not in every single game anymore.

   So after beating Hull Tigers comfortably, Aston Villa are next and pose a much bigger threat. They completely tore Arsenal apart. The counter attack of Benteke, Agbonlahor and Weimann absolutely destroyed Arsenal and I have to be honest, I did not see it coming. Chelsea have to be careful and make sure the two wingers defend as well as attack. As previously, I will try to predict the lineup by simply stating who I think will start in Jose Mourinho's second game at Stamford Bridge after his return.

Formation: 4-2-3-1

The back four and the goalkeeper:
Cech, Cole, Cahill, Terry (assuming Luiz is injured) Azpilicueta (Ivanovic rested for Manchester United)

The two holding midfielders:
Essien and Van Ginkel (Ramires and Lampard rested for the trip to Old Trafford)

The three attacking midfielders:
Schurrle Mata Hazard (De Bryune, seemingly a starter, will be rested for the visit to Manchester United)

The striker:
Lukaku (possibly, as Mourinho may believe Torres is his no1 striker)

In addition, when I write rested, I imply that the player will be either on the bench OR not feature in the game.

Note: This is my personal view. I am unaware of who Mr Jose Mourinho will pick come the game on Wednesday 21st August at 7:45pm (UK time) at Stamford Bridge against Aston Villa. 

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