Monday, August 5, 2013

Is it time to find the next Makelele?

Is it time to find the next Makelele?

   Claude Makelele - able to break up the best attack in the world and turn it to dust. Arguably, one of the best CDM's the world has ever seen. The best time of his career came at Chelsea, sitting in front of John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho. Signed for the Blues in 2003, aged 30, Makelele was supposedly the ''battery'' of the team as man who brought him in - Caludio Ranieri described. 

   While Makelele was still at the club, Chelsea brought in a man known as John Obi Mikel in an attempt to mold him into the new, younger Makelele. I can tell you now, it didn't work. Most Chelsea fans, include myself, have grown tired of Mikel. You are able to count the good games he has had for the club on your hands and he has been at the club for 7 years! Bulk me up and make me 6ft 2 and I think I could do the same job as Mikel if not a better one - I could pitch in with at least a goal or two! The best attributes he has is that he very rarely loses the ball, because he doesn't pass greater than 2 yards, he is a strong, powerful player but that is about it. Oh, and he is able to header and even then, I'm being generous. I'm getting very tiresome of Mikel. To add further frustration, he scores a terrific goal for Nigeria against Uruguay! Why are you not able to do it at Chelsea?! Yes, your position is a Defensive Midfielder and you're the one that sits back but at least have a shot or two a game. 

   Time and time again, I have grown tired of Mikel and I believe it's time to move on for the Nigerian international. There have been a couple of names linked with Chelsea in that position, Khedira, Gustavo, Alonso but the one that fascinates me the most is  - Daniele De Rossi. I believe he is the perfect player for Chelsea FC. At the age of 30, De Rossi is regarded as one of the best Defensive Midfielders in the world, breaking attack after attack in games and also nips in to score goals. He has had a turbulent season at AS Roma where some of the crowd have turned on him, and to make matters worse, AS Roma have recently signed 'the Dutch Roy Keane.' Kevin Strootman, aged 23, is very similar to De Rossi however is 7 years younger and is already being compared to a no-nonsense defensive midfielder.

    Personally, De Rossi, should call it time upon his beloved career at AS Roma. Times are changing and he needs a new challenge. The one-club man has been linked with Chelsea and Manchester City before but it is believed, ASF Fiorentina have been keeping a close eye on things. Various reports value him anywhere between ₤10-₤15 million and I would pay every penny. At the age of 30, De Rossi has perhaps, 4-5 years left in him and this will give time for the young Nathaniel Chalobah and Nathan Ake to develop and learn from a guy who has been labeled ''the complete midfielder'' due to his tackling, passing, strength and shooting. He is also the perfect replacement for Frank Lampard, who I feel has this season and possibly, one more. Replacing Frank Lampard is not an easy job but De Rossi, who has a world cup under his belt is for me, a quick solution.  

Daniele De Rossi Tattoo
    Jose Mourinho is thought to be a big admire of the Italian. Jose has tried to sign him for Inter Milan and Real Madrid however, failed in doing so. Could this be third-time lucky? I hope so. 

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